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How to become an Author / Contributor for MMA.UK…

Passionate about building a career as a journalist/reporter for Mixed Martial Arts / UFC?

All you have to do is fill in the form below and submit your zipped content/images and we’ll get in touch.

We’re new. We’re AMBITIOUS, and we want like minded MMA writers to be part of our family as we grow. 

Here’s who we’re looking for, if this is you – GREAT:

  • Experience & Knowledge of MMA/UFC fighters, current goings on within the MMA/UFC world.
  • Desire/Drive/Motivation – A love of the sport and a willingness to write about it in your own unique way, unashamedly.
  • Opinion – no fear of sharing your opinions (warts n’ all) as that’s what people want to read/consume!

What you get in return: As if being part of the MMA.UK family isn’t enough…..

  • Your own Author account so you can login and submit MMA news, rumours, events information, topics of interest, fighter stories, interviews, etc…
  • Your own Author bio at the bottom of each of your stories/articles
  • Respond directly to feedback from the community and grow your own personal brand/tribe of followers who look forward to reading your latest articles!
  • Gain experience as a writer and grow with us
  • We are also working on a scheme to pay writers, loyalty is a big deal to us, and we’re happy to talk this through once you get in touch.